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Worming/Prevention - Small Animal (cats/dogs)
Worming/Prevention - Small Animal (cats/dogs)

Worming/Prevention - Small Animal (cats/dogs)

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5 Homeopathic remedies in prescription potency. 1 ounce bottle (200+ doses)

+ 1 Bowel Nosode (80 doses). Full Dosing Directions are sent with the order.

One bottle of Worming Remedy is enough to dose one-two animals for approximately
1+ year.

Remedy customization is available please contact me by email:

Dosing can be done on feed / treat for animals that might be difficult to dose.

Full Dosing Guide is included. Ingredients are proprietary.

Shipping is included for US only. Please contact me directly for international shipments. All remedies received are non refundable/returnable.

Kit/Remedies are good for 10 years - keep out of direct light/heat

This kit includes 2-Day Priority Shipping in the US.