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My Story & Client Testimonials - Human & Veterinary

Homeopathy - What is it and how can it help?

Homeopathy is a clinical science discovered by Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician, in the late 1790's and 1800. Homeopathy today is a rapidly growing system and is practiced almost all over the world. 

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that utilizes minute doses of carefully selected ingredients made from plants, mineral sources, and many other natural substances, to enhance the body's natural healing processes. Its strength lies in its marked effectiveness as it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through the promotion of inner balance at mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Most of all, the right homeopathic remedy stimulates self-healing. Horses are very evolved beings and they respond quickly to Homeopathy. They seem to understand it and go with it. Animals, in general, do not attach themselves to a diagnosis and humans do, mentally and emotionally. Homeopathy is very effective in the treatment of horses/animals.

Why choose Homeopathy?     

Homeopathy recognizes the inseparability of body and mind. Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole and not just the disease.  Homeopathy believes in a Holistic, Totalistic, and Individualistic approach. This makes Homeopathy the true and rational art of healing.  Also, Homeopathy is safe to use when many other types of treatments may not be recommended, such as in case of newborns and during pregnancy. 

How does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy works on the principle of "Similia Similibus Curenter" which means, "Let Like be cured by Likes", (AcA) derived from the Natural Law of Nature. In this, the medicine administered to the diseased individual is such that if given to a healthy person it produces a similar disease as found in the diseased individual. Thus when the pathogenesis of the medicine matches with the symptoms of the diseased person, this medicine is called the "Similimum" which certainly leads to cure. Unlike any other system of medicine, the remedies used in Homeopathy have been previously proven on healthy human beings, therefore, their actions and reactions are fully known to the Homeopaths. This makes Homeopathy the true and rational art of healing.

Homeopathic medicines are easy to administer.Homeopathy can treat various illnesses. Both Acute and Chronic.


The Homeopathic Consultation

The Homeopathic interview is very in-depth and may take a considerable amount of time (many hours and spans over 3-4 weeks or longer). This will involve a detailed case taking where you will need to provide detailed medical/veterinary and other symptom details of your animal. Present symptoms, thoughts and feelings, and the past history that has led you to this present health condition. After recording your case, the whole picture will be analyzed and a single remedy and or support remedy(s) will be advised to you which best covers your expressed symptoms: mental, emotional and physical. Each case is Individual and treatment plan is Individual. This remedy(s) will be given to you in an appropriate potency and frequency of repetition according to the assessment of your need. After a suitable interval you will be called for a follow-up to assess the effect of the treatment given and receive more treatment as and when appropriate. The number of appointments, number of remedies, and amount of treatment will vary for each patient according to their condition and severity. A Homeopathic consultation can be the turning point that will lead to a restoration of Health and Vitality.

My interest/dedication to this science, study and practice has and will be Lifetime (from early age). Classical Homeopathy is termed the "Medicine of Experience, not product". It is a lifelong endeavor.

In my Clinical practice I treat all Veterinary  (Large and small animal) and Human cases - Worldwide Distance Cases via Phone, Email and Video.

My great passion and specialty is Ocular Disease/Conditions.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me for a complimentary consult/discussion of your case and how I can help you.

Best way to reach me is by email:

Thank you for your interest - I do hope you will give Homeopathy a try. My practice is Result based and a cure is always the goal. Please see the following client testimonials. Thank you.

Josephine A. Gagnon

Classical/Clinical Homeopathy Apotheke

NeuroOptic Specialist Equestrian Tech

Agricultural Homeopath




My GRIEF was so overwhelming and completely destructive to my health. No help from any practitioner until my friend suggested Josephine Gagnon. Thank you my dear, you saved my life and are a true healer. 💝

Anna G, Vienna Austria


Josie, THANK YOU for ending my life long smoking addiction 🙏.

Jonathan M, Austin, TX 

AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE - MCTD Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

I was diagnosed with MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) about a year ago. My condition was so bad in terms of pain that I barely slept for 5 months or so. The pains were in every joint, skin (topical) pain, every internal organ hurt it seemed like. I completely lost my appetite. The inside of my mouth, tongue was so under nourished that I had open sores every where.

I tried the drugs my rheumatologist prescribed (not the steroids, I resisted it). The anti-inflammatories helped the pain a great deal but with terrible and dangerous side effects (even the rheumatologist warned me). I couldn't live without them for several months.

My friend suggested I try homeopathy. I was skeptical to say the least. Boy, am I glad I did. It was a very time intensive process with Josephine Gagnon, but she was, in the end of the assessment, able to prescribe the correct homeopathic medicine for me as a whole individual and why I was hosting this issue (as she explained). We worked many months together and now I am at the 8-9 month mark with the homeopathic treatment. I no longer have any joint pains, topical skin pains, very very little if any of the internal pains. My energy and sleep has returned. My mental/emotional outlook is so good. I was so depressed originally after the diagnosis. I no longer need any of the conventional medicines and I only take my one single homeopathic remedy/medicine once a month. 

When I returned to the rheumatologist for my check up and labs, he couldn't believe how well I was doing. I told him why but he really didn't want to go there. He just remarked that most of his patients get worse and soon need the steroids. And, whatever I was doing - to continue. I no longer see the rheumatologist as he has told me there is nothing else he can do for me. Yeah! (He is a very nice person and very kind). I am not bashing conventional doctors.

I cannot explain my gratitude to this wonderful practitioner and this wonderful medicine. Where has it been my entire life! 
Thank you Josie! I just cant thank you enough -  🙏❤️ 🦋
Emily S, San Diego, CA

COVID - Loss of Smell

Josephine helped with my loss of smell after contracting covid. I tried a local homeopath but to no help. Josephine did everything from a distance and it was an amazing experience. She took all the time necessary to pin point the exact remedy that I needed - no guess work here. The process was extremely detailed and precise. Within one week, my sense of smell came back! to my joy and amazement. 

She also helped me to detox the terrible covid vaccinations I received. The second jab put me flat on my back for weeks and I was never the same since, until now. I wish I had found her before deciding to get vaccinated. There are other ways to treat covid!
Thank you so much I am forever grateful! 

Cindy O., Colorado Springs, CO

Cardio/Hypertension   Josephine Gagnon Homeopath, helped me with cardio/hypertension issues. I was on heavy, daily, meds/drugs that were causing dizziness to the point of falling. I am in my 80's with osteoarthritis. I cannot afford a fall. My doctor then put me on more drugs to help the vertigo side effects. These drugs made me sick to the point of vomiting after only the 3rd dose.

After one month of non-toxic homeopathic treatment with Josie, I was able to get off of the drugs that with such horrible side effects.

It is 8+ months now since I started the treatment with Josie and I continue to do well without the drugs. I have lost 10 pounds, effortlessly!!!

Additionally, my dr. has repeated my lab work and the items that were off on the last ones (esp. kidney) are back to normal. My doctor says my blood work is better than hers! "whatever you are doing, keep doing it" was her response. 

How come she, as the doctor, can't do this? There is something very wrong with our medical system. I think the wrong person has the "Doctor" title.

With thanks from my Heart! :)         Melissa M., El Cajon, CA

Arthritis  I want the whole world to know that Homeopathy works! That is, if you treat with a practitioner that is dedicated enough to search for the real cause and works so hard to achieve a cure. I had terrible arthritis that was crippling. I suffered massive periods of depression and couldn't even get simple household chores done. Even cooking a meal or washing dishes was out of the question.

I decided to try homeopathy as I have tried all the rest of the healing arts with NO success or cure. My friend recommended Josephine Gagnon. She sent me an Intake Form which took me a few days to complete. Then, we did a FaceTime interview. Very lengthy and detailed. The amount of detail that went into my individual assessment was astounding to me. And that anyone practitioner cared that much! I continue to improve daily, weekly, monthly. Its unbelievable.

I've never had a practitioner, doctor, or anyone else spend this amount of time with me and be so interested in finding the CAUSE of why I was so sick! It was truly amazing and eye opening.

Since my treatment, I have had Josie out to treat both of my mares. Both have recovered nicely without toxic vet drugs. I have referred Josie to other horse friends and will continue to do so. People need to know about this medicine and a practitioner that cares, completely and in every way.

Josie, thank you for the work you do. You don't charge nearly enough for it! What is a cure worth?

Love and Thanks Always,  Jenn G., Rancho Santa Fe, CA

PROSTATE   I had a very swollen prostate gland. The doctors weren't of much help to me. and I kept getting referred to one doctor or the other with no results.

My horse coach recommended I contact Josephine Gagnon. She recommended we treat “Constitutionally” I was a little hesitant and didn't much like filling out the extensive Form. I thought it was a waste of time. I was very wrong about it.

I am so glad I decided to do with it. Within 30 days my prostate was back to normal (to the wonder of my doctor) I’ve never felt better in my general overall health. I am 67 yrs. old. All of my Gratitude. I recommend Josie and her detailed, comprehensive and very scientific care to anyone and everyone.  Of all the medical doctors I have seen in my life, including my personal general practitioner which I like very much, not one of them took the time out to explain my lab work/blood work or urinalysis to me. Josie did all of the above and I believe understands the labs far and beyond any medical doctor. Thank you!     

Glen G, La Mesa, CA

LYMPH CONDITIONS   I used to go for lymph drainage every 6 months. I hated it. My best friend recommended I get treated with a homeopath, Josephine Gagnon. I had tried a couple of local homeopaths with little to no success in the past.

I was unsure as I had read online that homeopathy does not work and that it is a placebo. I just wasn't sure about trying anymore homeopaths. I also was worried about being treated by an animal specialist :) And I was unsure about a distance phone/video consultation. My friend convinced me as she has gone through the treatment for her severe menses pain, etc. All with very good lasting results.

Well, I was proven very wrong and so was the internet!

I was treated Constitutionally and within 4 months my lymph system has improved so much! I don't have to go through lymph drainage/massage anymore!

My overall health has improved much as well. Particularly my Eyesight!

And I don't worry about lymphatic cancer as I did for so long. 

I am so thankful and would recommend Josie to anyone in the world. Currently, I ham having her treat my cat and dog. The vets are of no use with the issues they have.

Additionally, I want to mention that no other homeopath, only Josie ever asked me to send over lab work to review. Not one. All said that it was not important in the treatment. Hmmmm....they should go back to school. From my understanding of what I have read so far it is important and a long time ago all homeopaths were medical doctors.

I can't thank you enough, Josie. Love and Hugs       Nancy M., Sedona, AZ

KIDNEY STONES    I am writing this review/recommendation for my Mom. She is in her late 80’s and suffered life long kidney stones and other issues. The regular doctors just wanted to operate at the slightest symptom/problem. My Mom has had so many operations and I believe many were unnecessary. But, we had no other choice, until now. Josie Gagnon treated my horse with skin issues (life long) which resulted in a full cure.

So, I decided to have her treat my Mom as I could not imagine another operation at her age. Within 3 months of treatment my Mom has never felt better. She no longer experiences the sharp pain, urinary issues, and other. Improvement continues.

Her cataracts have cleared a bit and we are hopefully this will continue.

We are forever grateful and hope other people will try homeopathic treatment.

All the Best from my entire Family, Josie. Whatever health needs we have we will consult you FIRST.           

Beth A., Colorado Springs, CO

DIABETES     I want all to know that homeopathy works! Don’t believe the lies on the internet. The key is finding a well trained and experienced homeopath.

I had terrible Diabetes that was not being managed or cured with conventional treatment. I consulted (by video) with Josephine Gagnon in California. Within a month of treatment I was no longer requiring insulin. My life had changed - completely - in one month. Physically and mentally. My outlook is positive now for the first time in 20 years.

I am so glad I went through with the detailed process of treatment. A very small price to pay for a CURE. My doctor was very upset and worried when I told her of my treatment. My doctor nearly fell over when we repeated my "perfect" blood testing and glucose test.

May God Bless and hold you in his keep forever!     

China A., Montreal, Canada

TRAUMA     I suffered with nightmares, anxiety, fears of all kinds for nearly 15 years after a brutal attack at my college. I tried counseling (which helped a bit) but I just couldn’t move past the trauma. My aunt recommended homeopathic treatment. I did not know what that was at first. Nor, did I want to go through a distance consulting process with someone I did not know or meet in person.

I am soooooo glad I decided to try it. Josie was so caring and understanding. In my homeopathic interview I cried all the way through. She listened patiently and asked me more details about my nightmares, anxiety, and fears. The questions were ones that I had hoped other medical professional would ask me, but they never did.

For the first time, I felt like someone HEARD me and was working hard to help me instead of just nodding there head and writing something down.

It is about 6 months now from the start of treatment. Every month I continue to improve. My nightmares are almost NONE at this time. I don’t have any anxiety that is obvious as it was. I don’t fear certain places, people, etc. I feel myself getting stronger every day. I don’t know what I would have done without this miraculous medicine and kind and experienced professional. There is no way I can describe how grateful I am !       

What took therapist and psychologists 15 years (with little to no results)
took a short a very short time with Dr. Josie. Yes, Doctor is what she is! 

Ann S., New York, NY

EATING DISORDER     I had a severe eating disorder which NO one could help me with. I must have tried 10 different psychologists/counselors over the course of about 25 years. Nothing worked.

Until I did a detailed assessment and treatment with Josephine Gagnon.

It took us 2 and a half hours on the phone but in the end every issue was addressed. Many of which the counselors never even touched upon. I was astounded at how much. Josie dug deep into my childhood and other times which was a bit difficult. But, in the end it was well worth a little pain and emotional discomfort to confront the traumas of my youth.

I no longer suffer an eating disorder. Josie also pointed me in the direction of a dietician to help me further in establishing the correct diet/food for myself.

Additionally, all the physical issues I suffered my entire life (mainly severe headaches) has all improved. I’ve had one minor headache in the past few months. They used to be daily and very severe. Causing me to take toxic pain drugs and further damage to myself.

With Love and Gratitude.

This country should recognize homeopaths as DOCTORS.   True Doctors!         

Emily G., Utah


Samy - Feline Asthma

I just wanted to share our experience...Our cat, Samy, has had asthma since he was 7 months old.  He was diagnosed one month after his rabies vaccine.  We were told by our conventional vet that there was no cure, and that he would need steroids, anti-inflammatories, inhalers, etc.  These all came with undesirable side-effects.  I found Josephine through this group on facebook.  We worked with her for 5 months, peeling away each layer of damage that was done to him via conventional medicine and vaccines.  I am happy to report that Samy has not had ONE cough in 2 months!  Josie was amazing...She was so kind and patient with us.  She was incredibly generous with her time.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a holistic way to help their pets!  She is now helping us with another cat who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  I can't say enough about her abilities as a true healer. We are so grateful!!      Sandy Morrell, CA


Feline Chronic Kidney Disease / Failure - Stage 4

Hello, his name is Holstein. He's almost 14 years old. He is the most tolerant, kind and gentle cat I have ever known. He has been diagnosed in July 2021 of stage 4 CKD. He was lethargic, not eating much and lost quite a bit of weight. My regular vet basically gave up on him saying it would just be keeping him comfortable. I seek Josie's help for homeopathic treatment. We saw improvement within a few days of giving him the different homeopathic remedies. It works wonder by itself and in conjunction with other holistic treatment. He's slowly gaining back his weight now, eating well and have more energy, including chasing lizards in our regular walks outside. We recently took him to the beach and he loves it. Thank you so much Josie for the continuing guidance and help with Holstein. We appreciate it very much.

Please see photo from July - December (now) He continues to improve. 
Nenita M, San Diego


"My" First Introduction to Veterinary Homeopathy -
as a conventional veterinarian

I am an equine large animal veterinarian in clinical practice over 30 years.

I will not post my name here for fear of backlash from the veterinary community/colleagues/veterinary boards, etc.

I want to write this testimonial as I have deep respect for Josie and her work.

I want people to understand that homeopathy, with the right practitioner can be life saving and extremely effective. It was proven to me.

I first met Josie over 2 years ago onsite at a clients barn. I and another vet were there to treat life threatening severe injury from fall. Both the horse and rider suffered fall / injury. Josie was there to treat both.

I have to confess I didn’t quite understand, at first, what Josie’s role was there or homeopathic medicine being able to help at all.

Within one hour after the first administration of homeopathic medicine the horse showed significant marked improvement to my amazement. Josie described to me what energetic action had taken place again, to my continued amazement. After 3 days both the rider and the horse made full recovery under Josie's care.

My treatments did nothing, unfortunately. Nor did the efforts of the other vet. All we could do was monitor vitals.

The other vet was quite hostile to Josie and the medicine. The owner having to step in and ask the vet to behave or leave. It was truly sad to see a professional acting in this manner. What Josie endured during that appointment is beyond description. It turns my stomach to think about writing it. Absolutely appalling. Josie remained focused on treatment, monitoring, and remained kind and respectful to the vet. Her only response to the hostility was, I have just as much right to be here as you do. No practitioner should have to endure any such treatment. I am so ashamed of my fellow colleague and her behavior. Since, Josie has described to me other such incidences (with vets and MDs) which again, I am truly ashamed of my colleagues.

If I was a younger man I would return to school and study veterinary homeopathy.

Anyone that decides to treat with Josie, you are in the most capable and kind hands. I know, as she treated my bum knee. Now, after 20 yrs of struggling to bend it in the course of my large animal work - I no longer suffer.

Doc C.



Lindsay Whitehead

January 4 at 8:18 PM - Facebook

My sweet, 15 year-old American Eskimo has a chronic bleeding nipple issue. It is so strange-

Seeing a conventional veterinarian couldn’t give me answers or solutions without a biopsy, and mostly likely surgery.

That wasn’t something I wanted to put her through, especially after having emergency pyometra surgery the year prior.

Della has other ailments that are being treated, as well. The nipple was my just main concern, as she was leaving blood all over the place.

Something just didn’t seem right.

It’s been four months since Della started her homeopathic remedies.

The bleeding is down about 80% from what it was before. She seems to be more “there” mentally and literally sprints around the neighborhood EVERY, SINGLE DAY. (She didn’t do that before.)

I can hardly keep up with her, she is now 16 years old!!!!

I can’t imagine where she would be if she hadn’t gotten such amazing treatment by the knowledgeable and caring, Josephine.

I didn’t realize she treated humans until reading this page, I’m definitely going to get treatment as well!

Me and Della are SO grateful for all the help and guidance


She is feeling GREAT!!!!


I have 11 horses. For many years I relied on conventional vet treatment only.
I knew something was wrong as my horses continued to suffer from the vaccination and the drugs. Tired of it!
After a wonderful review-referral from a fellow horseman I decided to try homeopathy. I had Josie out to Kentucky. It took about 3 days to convert all 3 barns and "my thinking" to the homeopathic way.

My horses now enjoy health, non-toxic prevention instead of vaccination and I am spreading the word.

We have NewVisionsHealth kits in every barn and also a customized equine kit.
A very small initial investment that is now saving me loads!

So grateful for the transformation. My horses thank you!

D. Colbert, Kentucky

Homeopathic Worming - Equine/Livestock

 Fowel - Blackhead


Patty Croí Fıáin Lager  facebook 2021

Josephine Gagnon is a very detailed and knowledgeable homeopath. She understands the science of homeopathy and recommends remedies after carefully considering the totality of symptoms and personality of the animal. She was able to help me bring about a cure for an acute condition that appeared in my 14-year-old dog this past summer.

She also helped me address a more chronic issue with him (regarding his cardiovascular system).

The acute condition completely disappeared, and I am still working with her recommendations using low potencies to address his cardiovascular system. These remedies have allowed him to continue to do his daily activities.

As weather permits, he goes on daily 30-minute walks with me, he loves wandering around outside with his younger siblings, and he is quite playful at times.

I am so happy to know that he can live his life optimally with the gentle healing of homeopathy. I am also honored to know Josephine Gagnon and consider her to be a highly experienced homeopath (and I plan on working with her if needed in the future).

One thing I will stress is that when working with homeopathy, you find someone that has studied this science for many years and honors its principles. I have previously worked with a veterinarian homeopath (one who had taken a few classes in veterinary homeopathy) which resulted in more harm than benefit. It is a red flag if such a practitioner recommends homeopathic prophylactic remedies (e.g., using thuja after vaccination). I have learned it is always best to focus on the symptoms at hand. Josephine understands this, and it makes me happy to know that knowledgeable and caring homeopaths like this are still honoring the true healing capacity of homeopathy today.


Birds - Incurable Virus


Paralyzed Bunny - Full Recovery

Before and After photos:


Josephine Gagnon

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