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Vitamin D,  Vit B12, + Magnesium - Canine, Feline

Vitamin D, Vit B12, + Magnesium - Canine, Feline

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  • Species: Canine, Feline
  • Included Test(s): Vitamin B12 (B12), Vitamin D (VitD), + Magnesium
  • Specimen Type: Serum (Frozen or Dry)
  • Dry Serum Minimum Volume: 1 Well
  • Fasting: Recommended: 8hr
  • Testing kit is included, shipped by uspost
  • This test does not include any blood draw fees, or vet/vet tech appointments associated with your veterinary provider. Only the cost of the kit with shipping to you, and testing are covered with this purchase. Contact your vet before purchase to establish cost and blood draw
  • Background:

    Essential Vitamins 1 panel includes Vitamin D (25OHD) and Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) - two essential nutrients that are only obtained through diet.  Vitamin D, the most important hormone in the body, is responsible for supporting the innate immune system and has a role in disease prevention and management.  Sufficient levels are anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, and pro-immunity.  Cobalamin is chiefly response for DNA production as a critical cofactor. This test provides patient-specific dosing guidelines for both Vitamin D and B12.

  • Clinical Applications:

    1. Diet Changes
    2. Gastrointestinal Disease
    3. Inflammatory Disease
    4. Cancer Patients
    5. General Wellness - preventative
    6. PLE Patients
    7. Patients on NSAIDs or Corticosteroids
  • Recommendations:

    Evaluating essential vitamin levels should start once the dog or cat reaches adult stages and establishes their adult diet.  Once diet has been stable for 3 months, test baseline vitamins and correct any insufficiencies with supplementation, or consider a diet change if values are considerably low.  Recheck intervals are every year once sufficient unless diet or health changes occur.