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Rattlesnake Bite - First Aid Kit - Homeopathic

Rattlesnake Bite - First Aid Kit - Homeopathic

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Rattlesnake Bite - First Aid Kit - Homeopathic

This is a highly effective first aid kit and can greatly improve the outcome of a venomous snake bite. Can help to antidote the venom, save tissue from becoming gangrene and relieve the puncture wound.

It does not replace Medical or Veterinary attention.
Always seek medical/veterinary attention after a venomous snakebite - immediately.

There are three remedies with complete dosing instructions.
The remedies are in a super convenient liquid spray for immediate dosing.
No waiting for pellets to dissolve.
Remedies are multifaceted and can be used in other first aid conditions.
Instructions are sent with the kit.
Pocket/Purse size. (3x4" approx) envelope size. Envelope color varies.
For use with animals and humans. 
Snake venom remedy can be customized to your region.

Please email if you need this customization.
5ml vials (approx. 50 doses) each. 3 vials.
This kit is good for 8-10 years. Keep out of direct heat.
Includes shipping in the US only.

International shipping is extra. Thank you

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