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HUMAN - Constitutional Consult and Treatment

HUMAN - Constitutional Consult and Treatment

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This is a full in depth whole person (mental and physical)
Constitutional workup and treatment over an approx. 1 month time line.

An intake form will be sent to you and all lab work/blood work and other diagnostics are useful in this consultation.

A phone and/or video interview may be needed.
Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for constitutional analysis and prescribing.

Proper Homeopathic Treatment provides the best possibility of cure. We do not suppress symptoms in homeopathy as allopathic medicine can do and does. We address the original "root cause" of what you are suffering.

This process is time consuming and sometimes can take hours if not weeks. But, it is in this detailed and thorough investigation that can contain the cure. Medical doctors generally do not have the time for this type of work. Nor do they have the training for such work.

Once the root cause is identified it can be cured. Both physically and mentally. There is always a reason why one is ill. Suppressing the symptoms does not provide a cure. All current medications, if necessary, can be taken alongside Homeopathic remedies until the patient can go without them.

I welcome and work with all treating Medical Doctors, Mental Therapists, Physical therapists, and all holistic practitioners including Naturopaths.

All consults are non-refundable.

Thank you