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Homeopathic Veterinary Live Class - CHICKENS & OTHER BIRDS (Wildlife)

Homeopathic Veterinary Live Class - CHICKENS & OTHER BIRDS (Wildlife)

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Homeopathic  Veterinary FIRST AID+ common poultry conditions.

Beginner/Intermediate+ Experience

Date: June 10, 2023, SATURDAY

Time: 9:30 AM (Pacific US Time)
(google has excellent international time converters please check your time zone)

Via Zoom meeting invitation, via email. You will receive a join to meeting link the day before the meeting: PLEASE PROVIDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR ORDER.

Duration of class: Approx 2+ hours. You may leave at anytime if need be.

Class Fee: $55 USD
Once you have received the class study materials - the class is non-refundable.
If for any reason the class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled. You will have other options in other weeks/months. Your payment is good for any same class.

We will take a very short break at some point in the class. Or as needed.

This is a live on-line class. CLASS REMEDY LIST WILL BE SENT TO YOU VIA EMAIL. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE EMAIL IN YOUR ORDER. These class materials will reach you by email sometime before the class.
This is a nonrefundable purchase. Please make sure you can make that time slot before purchasing. Class will be recorded for my training purposes only. Replays or recording may or may not be available after the live class.

Please join class by video. I need to see everyone. We need to be one in order to have proper synergy of this live class. I cant do my best if I cant see you. This is a LIVE class.

Overview: First Aid treatment and conditions will be discussed. Along with what NOT to do in acute treatment of animals. A short overview of chronic treatment of animals is included in the class. Discussion of some dangers in incorrect prescribing. Dosing, Potency details, questions, discussion.

Broader Focus/Discussion: Clinical practitioner view of homeopathic acute treatment discussion, not just the individual remedies. Helpful tips for in home treatment.

Objective: review/discussion of first aid treatment for chickens/fowl/birds.

Questions are welcome. Please have notepad ready to take notes. Start thinking about your questions - now.

No homeopathic kit is required at the time of this class. Here is a link to one of my most popular kits (28 remedies):  other kits are available please see "kits"

If you purchase the class but don’t make it, you will still receive emailed materials.


Thank you, look forward to seeing you!

Josephine A. Gagnon, CHom

Veterinary and Human Clinical Homeopath

Worldwide Distance Consulting

NeuroOptic Specialist | Equestrian Tech