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Flea Remedy - Cat and Dog (Small Animal), Homeopathic

Flea Remedy - Cat and Dog (Small Animal), Homeopathic

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This Homeopathic remedy is primarily for Prevention. But can be used for treatment. It will deter fleas if you have a serious infestation (homeopathic remedies don't kill fleas). Other anti-flea prevention suggestions are sent with the dosing instructions.

This is an old world formula. Proprietary blend of specialty made sulphurs and flower remedies in complex potency.

If your animal is on sulphur care of any kind even Constitutional please do not use this remedy. If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact us by email.

Over 160+ doses. Oral dosing. Very minimal dosing. For internal and topical use. Dosing instructions are sent with order.

Remedy is good for 8-10 years. All shipped remedies are non-returnable/non-refundable.

Shipping and taxes are included (USA only) International shipping can be additional.
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