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Constitutional - FULL Consultation - Chronic Treatment, Equine / Animal

Constitutional - FULL Consultation - Chronic Treatment, Equine / Animal

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This consultation is for a Full Workup and Chronic Treatment which spans over a 3-4 week period.  A followup consult is included in this workup and time frame.
Therapeutic/Nutritional cell salts may be rx'd and Bach Flower remedies are included if needed for treatment.

For the care of Equine and other animals, small and large. A followup consult is included at the 3-4 week mark. If you are working with me by distance consult you will need to give details about your animal from mental/emotional/ and physical perspective. There is an intake form and then a phone or video consult/interview. These cases are extremely comprehensive and can take many hours to assess. The goal is "true" healing of the "whole" animal so they can heal themselves with the current conditions and better manage others in the future.

Proper Classical Homeopathic Treatment offers the best curative results in most cases. We do not suppress symptoms in homeopathy as allopathic/veterinary medicine can do and does. We address the original "root cause" of what your animal is suffering. This process is time consuming and sometimes can take hours if not weeks. But, it is in this detailed and thorough investigation that the contains the cure. Veterinarians generally do not have the time for this type of work.

The goal of this consult/assessment is to determine root cause and overall constitution. Both physically and mentally. There is always a reason why one is ill. Suppressing the symptoms does not provide a cure. All current medications, if necessary, can be taken alongside Homeopathic remedies until the patient can go without them.

Please expect to spend 1- 2 hours on the phone with me, if needed. some cases are email only.

There is an Intake Form that needs to be filled out and emailed. All blood work/other diagnostics are very helpful in this consultation and treatment. They need to be as current as possible (last 3 months).

I am vet friendly, and happy to talk and work with the local treating vet both holistic and conventional vets.

Please note: I have a 2-3 week lead time to finish the case after consultation.

This consultation is only available for Equine or other animals, small and large.

Thank you