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Cancer Care - First Aid, First Layer Treatment - Veterinary

Cancer Care - First Aid, First Layer Treatment - Veterinary

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This is a consult many have been asking for. 
Homeopathy is very powerful in helping to halt cancer, if treatment is soon enough. Even after some time has passed it can be quite helpful. Each case is individual.

This consultation and treatment is helpful in prevention as well.

This treatment does NOT involve herbs, mushrooms or CBD. ONLY Homeopathic Medicine. 

This is NOT a Constitutional Homeopathic workup or treatment.
Constitutional treatment is highly recommended for all cancer patients.

Certain Professional Grade Homeopathic Remedies will be needed. We can ship those remedies 2 Day Priority in the US very easily. If you are located internationally shipping can be more difficult and not as timely unless shipped over night.

If you have questions, please contact thru this website. Thank you