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Vital Organ Detox - 80 doses spray

Vital Organ Detox - 80 doses spray

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We now live in a world that is 300 times more toxic than that of the one Dr. Hahnemann knew and the inception of Western Homeopathy.

This comprehensive, safe, and effective remedy combines many low potency remedies:  liver remedies that are known to support excretory function. Detox focuses on the liver, kidney, and colon functions while addressing symptoms associated with toxicity.

Constitutional treatment is always recommended for deep balance and health. Many of my clients need to start out with this organ detox before I can even prescribe constitutional.

Human clients report much improved sleep and general improvement in overall health. This remedy is also very important to employ if you do have to receive any kind vaccination (human and animal).

Or if you have had Covid. Excellent remedy for detoxing after colds/flu/covid (lingering symptoms) and damage to vital organs.

All ingredients and easy dosing guide is sent with order.
Once daily dosing (one oral spray at bedtime). 80 doses (liquid spray)
Enough for the entire family and pets.

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