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Human Hair Analysis - Mineral Levels and Toxicities (Heavy Metals)

Human Hair Analysis - Mineral Levels and Toxicities (Heavy Metals)

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Hair collection sample is needed.

All instructions and Test Form are sent via Email upon purchase of test.

29 Elements Tested

  • 15 Nutritional Minerals
  • 10 Environmental Minerals
  • 4 Toxic Metals

Test & Treat

  • Mineral supplement recommendations for nutritional deficiencies
  • Detoxification protocol when toxic metals are present
  • Quick turn around for testing

    Hair is the only matrix suitable for studying a long period of exposure to pollutants or dietary deficiencies for macro and micro minerals in animals. Pollutants circulating in the blood, through ingestion or inhalation, are automatically captured by the follicle of the hair when it grows and stays intact.  By analyzing hair, we can assess any prolonged exposures to potentially harmful minerals and metals, as well as identify any shortcomings in diet, absorption and assimilation.

    Hair Mineral Analysis (sometimes called Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or HTMA) is most often indicative of slow, long-term (ie progressive) problems, not acute or transient issues. For this reason, abnormal results aren’t typically viewed at critical emergencies, however further investigation, blood work, or diagnostics may be suggested.